Spotted: 2018 Mercedes 2018 GLB Crossover


The Mercedes-Benz GLB is set to become the most recent addition to the producer’s SUV lineup after a test mule was seen.
A production version probably will sit above the GLA crossover and below the bigger GLC SUV when it comes to size, although Mercedes is yet to formally support the model.
The GLB, which will be not likely to start before 2018, is a relationship of the B-Class MPV, but is likely to sit on an identical stage as the A Class GLA and hatchback crossover.
This means front-wheel drive is not unlikely to be normal on most versions, with all-wheel drive an alternative on top-spec cars, while the same engine lineup to the GLA can be anticipated.
The GLB would be a practical and open SUV compared to GLA, but would lie in rather a niche market without direct superior competitors. Crossovers like BMW X1 and the Audi Q3 are more natural competitors for the smaller, design-centered GLA, while BMW X3 and the Audi Q5 match the GLC SUV.
Mercedes’ SUV lineup already contains the G Class, GLE and GLS alongside GLC and the GLA.


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