Audi A8 Improved to Rival Maybach

Audi could climb to the challenge of the Mercedes S-Class and Maybach ranges with perhaps, and longer wheelbase variants of its A8 a coupe
Audi is considering widening the range in response to Mercedes Benz’s extension of the S Class brand to contain -wheelbase and two door coupe variants, of its A8 main.
The A8 is now accessible only two guises – traditional and long-wheelbase. But one of its chief competitors, the S Class, is offered in both of these setups and also a pair of Pullman, the Maybach and much longer versions. Mercedes has additionally renamed the old CLClass the S-Class Coupe, and recently began selling a convertible variant of that model at the same time, taking the complete S Class family.
Speaking at the start of Audi’s SQ7, the business’s new technical manager Dr Stefan Knirsch acknowledged that additional, A8 derivatives that are longer are under discussion. “we’re considering it,” he said. “The success of the extra-long variant of the S Class has got us wondering about whether there could be a business case for that in the future.”
Audi unveiled a six-door long-wheelbase A8 limo before this year, but the firm insisted the vehicle was an one off creation after a special customer request.
Knirsch additionally verified that another generation of A8 will be fitted with the standardised SAE Level 3 of automation, where the motorist can remove their hands in the wheel for longer intervals and at rates that were higher than at present. “We work to introduce this new degree of systems that are piloted,” he said. Its environment are monitored by degree 3 automation but nevertheless needs the motorist to prepare yourself to intercede.
Now, auto automatic steering system functions are restricted by United Nations Regulation 79 to rates of up to 10km/h – but this block is anticipated to be removed after in 2013. We ’re assured it wo’t be a problem by time the A8 goes on sale,” said Knirsch.
Audi’s technology leader was more guarded on the possibility of an even more powerful variant of the Q7 taking the RS badge. “ ”, we’re just launching the SQ7 and clearly we expect it is going to be an excellent success he said but I do’t understand if it’d make sense to have RS variant of the auto.”

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