Russian Billionnaire Buys 99% of Nurburgring

Pharmaceuticals that are Russian tycoon Viktor Kharitonin has got a 99% stake in the Nüburgring in a deal worth close to £30 million.

The billionaire businessman possessed 80% of its assets and the circuit, but a report in Forbes Russia maintains he’s bought another 19%, bringing his total spend up to almost £60 million.

The remaining 1% position belongs to Getspeed, a performance company.

Autocar has contacted the Nürburgring for opinion, but is yet to receive an official reply.

The news has spurred on expectation when preceding owner Capricorn fell into financial issue in 2014 after its destiny was cast into uncertainty the future of the Nüburgring is in safer hands.

Insiders say this new deal will dsicover the Nürburgring receive a much-needed injection of cash, which ought to help it further enhance security – something a year ago that’s been a crucial focus since a watcher was killed during a crash at a VLN race.

Kharitonin has additionally expressed his dreams about reinstating the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit back onto the F1 schedule to reopen discussions with F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone. The circuit was dropped off of last year’s calendar following fiscal problems, and place will be taken by the German GP at Hockenheim this year.

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