New M-Series BMWs to be Fitted with Four Wheel Drive

BMW M cars that are future will be offered with all-wheel drive and raising quantities of technology that is sovereign, but never to the detriment of involvement that is driving, in accordance with the chief of BMW M office.

Talking to Autocar, M department CEO Frank van Meel said four-wheel drive was not unlikely as power end products rose to feature on versions like the M5, but he indicated rear-wheel drive would always stay the default specification.

“They [M autos ] are reaching the stage where power results that are growing will oblige them to make a move,” he said. “They’re still wedded to rear-wheel drive for philosophical reasons, but it becoming difficult to offer them at 600bhp-plus in markets like Switzerland and Canada.”

The BMW M leader said engineers have already been working hard to enhance torque vectoring systems and grip, stability control but suggested that elective four-wheel drive was unavoidable in the long run.

“it’d’t be branded as xDrive,” he said. “we’ve to be sensitive about equity -wheel drive.”

Van Meel indicated a name like 2 2WD or something similar was not impossible, so that you can emphasise the auto’s back-one-sided setup.

It appears the integration of i- because the technology “ is overly hefty”, in accordance with van Meel brand electrical powertrain components into M automobiles is still a very long way away. “ without feeling it in the management You ca’t add 150kg of gear to our automobiles,” he said.

The technology could dribble across into M versions as time goes on, however. BMW’s head of marketing and sales, Ian Robertson, said at the Ny motor show “Consumers need more functionality and less CO2, so there’s a powerful case for introducing this technology into future operation versions.”

The next-generation 5 Series seems set to inherit the sovereign systems of the latest 7 Series and the modern-day 48-volt electric design that’ll empower it to feature hands off operation as much as a predetermined speed, a complex anti-crash system and completely independent braking, among other characteristics.

Van Meel said the operation version would get just a modest collection, although it’d seem sensible for the M5 to increase these characteristics. I can picture that you could be driven by M autos home in the trail he said, M although “ autos wo’t get it [the technology] first”.

Given this, it appears not unlikely the next-generation M5 — which can be anticipated next year to arrive — will be rear-wheel drive only, with a small number of technology that is autonomous. But the generation that is subsequent could be radically different.

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