£500m Expansion for Jaguar Landrover Site has Been Approved by Council

Warwick and Coventry District councils have backed plans for Jaguar Land Rover to enlarge its Coventry site.

The car maker proposed to invest £500 million into consuming a 60-acre site just south of its present buildings in Whitley but was required to send a double use off because the development crossed the jurisdiction of both localities.

Having received the acceptance that was double, JLR has issued a statement saying the growth will support its long term strategy to grow the state-of-the-art design and engineering centers at Whitley.

Yet, despite being supported by both councils, the scheme remains subject to central government ratification. It is not unlikely to be called in by the Secretary of State for review before it becomes reality.

If the plan goes ahead, the car maker anticipates to create an estimated 2000 occupations from the growth of Whitley. The suggestion could create additional high quality research and development office space,” added the British manufacturing company.

Business specialists suspect this will growth R&D help JLR speed up its development of new technologies for future generation versions, including the adoption of autonomous systems that are.

JLR has invested heavily with its director of research and technology Dr Wolfgang Epple saying that it’s “the kind of initiation infrastructure, in a autonomous job that is driving the UK needs to compete worldwide”.

The car maker can also be close to taking control of the house of the British Grand Prix, Silverstone, in a reported £33 million deal.

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