UK Car Production up in 2016

Car production in the united kingdom remains on course to reach an all time record by 2020, after official figures shown 10.3% more automobiles were made in the first three months of 2016 compared to last year.
443,581 automobiles were made until the end of March, equating to approximately one UK-built automobile being made every 16 seconds. House marketplace demand for UK cars was up 8% and exports increased 11.1%. The top manufacturing companies were Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Jaguar Land Rover.
That rate of growth is anticipated to be kept in 2016 and beyond, supplying no important exterior variables impact on increase, establishing the UK automobile making sector on course to eclipse the 1.92m vehicles made in 1972. A year ago, were automobiles 1,587,667 assembled in the UK.
But if UK manufacturing will be to eclipse the 1972 amount, Hawes warned that supply chain and the manufacturing sector would need certainly to bring up to 38,000 new workers – 27,000 of them in the – to be able supply network to satisfy demand.
Now, 160,000 people work in auto making out of more than 70 models of automobile. assembling around 799,000 in the car industry, across 30 manufacturing companies
“Already the Automotive Council has identified a shortfall of 5000 differences in the market, which unless we can address the areas where we want the abilities difference is set to grow said SMMT president Mike Hawes. “ We must bring talent to the business which is something the authorities, the car makers and we’re focusing on.”
Specifically, there exists a renewed focus on apprenticeships, something the car industry has a lengthy history in supplying successfully.
Hawes noted the progress being made with the Automotive Trainee Fitting Scheme, which aims to highlight opportunities in the supply chain for applicants who are not ’t unsuccessful in getting on to leading OEM schemes.
“Many individuals have the appropriate abilities, but the enormous interest in spots on manufacturing company schemes mean other trainee schemes get overlooked – this should help emphasize the diversity of chances out there he said. Hawes also emphasized continuing investment into R&D by car manufacturers, which totalled £2.4bn last year as a signal that growth would continue.
Specifically, he noted the near £280m of investment declared in Wales, headed by Aston Martin, TVR and Toyota and with the likely development of 1000 new jobs in new generation facilities. 18,000 people work in the around 150 automotive part and system businesses.
Yet Hawes warned that there was doubt in marketplaces all over the world, with USA and Europe leading increased demand, but uncertainty surrounding the booming Chinese and Russian markets.
He also sounded a note of warning around the referendum on whether Britain should remain in Europe: “we’ve enjoyed a period of substantial investment by international car companies in the UK in recent times, but anything that causes doubt is cause for worry in the medium to long term,” he said. “Instability does’t support investment.”

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